The LEE GOLD Collective is a versatile and dynamic live entertainment offering that can accommodate any occasion, from small intimate weddings to large  corporate functions.  Depending on your function and venue requirements, LEE GOLD is available as a solo, duo, trio or a larger ensemble line-up.

Here are some options below:

Solo: Piano and vocals.
For select functions that require softer, easy-listening, background music.

Duo: Piano/Vocals & Bass OR Pianist & Vocalist OR Guitarist & Vocalist
Ideal for a function with slightly more upbeat background music or funky, groovy feel.

Trio: A duo lineup with either a drummer or trumpeter
Create the mood with upbeat tunes that are suitable for any function, big or small.

Quartet: Piano/Vocals & Bass & Drums & Guitar
For a function that requires a wider range of musical offerings, from canapes and pre-drinks to dance music that takes you into the later hours, this is a great option!

We are able to provide bigger bands if you would like.  From swing and boogie music to contemporary dance music, create a special evening for your guests!